Donations/Sponsorship/Membership Fees

DVMMM is accepting fees for various causes. Now you can contribute your donations/sponsorships online! DVMMM has affiliated with the trusted Paypal website. You can pay the amount using your Paypal account or any major credit cards.

Category Payment
Half Yearly Membership (effective Jul-1-2011) You can pay your half yearly membership at any event during the rest of the calendar. However, for some reasons, if you are not going to make it for the event, you can pay it online here. Please select the appropriate selections. After you click the appropriate button, the application will lead you to the Paypal's secure website where you can make the payment. Family (2 Adults, 2 Kids and visiting/resident parents of adults) $23 (Jul-Dec 2011)
Senior (65 years and older) $8 (Jul-Dec 2011)
Student $8 (Jul-Dec 2011)
Single $13 (Jul-Dec 2011)
Donations to DVMMM: You can donate to DVMMM for the causes as mentioned in the constitution. Please note that DVMMM is registered under section 501(c)(7) with IRS. Although, we are trying to make your donations tax-deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the code; your donations are not tax-deductible at this moment. You can make donations of any amount. You can specify the amount on the Paypal's donation page. Donation to DVMMM