Diwali: Nov 4th, 2017
Please reserve this date for Diwali celebration with DVMMM

Venue: Hindu Temple Delaware
Arrival 4:30 PM
Entertainment Program 5:00 - 7:30 PM
Dinner  8:00 PM
Note: There will a presentation by EC-2017 to the General Body and New EC announcement

Please RSVP using the links below by 1st Nov 2017
Fee for Diwali Program on 4th November 2017 (Dinner, Entertainment – all inclusive) is as follows
Members with RSVP (above 18yrs) $15.00
Members with RSVP (5 – 18yrs) $10.00
Non-Members with RSVP (above 18yrs) $20.00
Non-Members with RSVP (5 – 18yrs) $15.00
Adults at the door (above 18yrs) $20.00
Children at the door (5 – 18yrs) $15.00
For further information, please contact the COMMITTEE MEMBERS
(EC 2017 info available on the website, or email ec@dvmmm.org)
Existing Members Non Members