This is to inform you all, who have RSVPed for the Sankrant program, 

that with much deliberation the 2015/2016 DVMMM EC teams decided 

to cancel the Sankrant program which was scheduled on 23rd Jan, coming Saturday

The major winter storm “Jonah” will be visiting DE valley to give us a ‘check-mate’. 

The EC took into account the safety and high-risk of our DVMMM family members, road closures / 

temple parking lot closure and of course potential low or no attendance risk for Sankrant program.


I am including the weather report screenshot showing 100% precipitation potential of 5-6 inches, 

gusty winds, accumulation. 2015/2016 EC members were working very hard for the program, 

so with great sorrow we communicate this news to you.


Looking at Jan 31st forecast, the conditions will be favorable with temp. of 47oC, 

hence the movie screening of Natasamrat will progress as planned. 

However, the members who were planning to buy tickets at Sankrant program will 

need to buy tickets on line by PayPal. Please use the direct link:



If you have any issues / problems, please contact;

Vijaya Shah – 302 898 9399, Kaustubh Churi 973 960 5147 or Vinay Dharmadhikari 302 438 3269 for paper tickets


Venue: Penn Cinema, 401 S Madison St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States.View map.

Date and Time: SundayJanuary 31st, 2016; 2:00 PM


Advance or Online ticketing - $15 Per person.

At the Venue-1:30 to 2:00 pm (If available) - $20 Per Person. 


2015/2016 ECs plan to have

  1.      PayPal ticket (with confirmation proof) line
  2.      Advanced purchased paper tickets line
  3.     There will be a 2016 membership line - Kalnirnaya calendar will be distributed to 2016 member families in line 3.

            Haladi-kunku / Tilgul and halwa will be distributed as the movie ticket holders enter the theater.

            At the theater during intermission: Batata wada/chatni &/or Gul-poli will be available for sale

      We are very sorry for the Sankrant program cancelation, and for the inconvenience it may have caused you.



On behalf of 2015/2016 DVMMM EC