DVMMM organized community service event at
Bellevue State Park

Date: 31st March 2012
Time: 12:45pm to 4:00pm
Venue: Bellevue State Park (http://www.destateparks.com/park/bellevue)

Namaskar Mandali,

Please mark your calendars. Our next community service event will be held at Bellevue State Park (http://www.destateparks.com/park/bellevue). This event is organized by DVMMM, a certified organization for Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. Please click here for details.

We will meet at Bellevue park playground at 12:45pm. We will clean up the playground and surrounding area at Bellevue state park. It will include raking leaves and general cleanup. Admission to the park is free to all the volunteers. We will send an email by 11:00am on the event day in the morning only if there are any last minute details to be taken care of or for change in plans due to inclement weather.

All volunteers are welcome for this event organized by DVMMM; however, only DVMMM member volunteers will be eligible for certificates. Please note that aliens (e.g. B, H, L or J visa holders) or Green Card holders are not be eligible to recieve PVSA certificates. Membership can be taken at the event site. The event is open to adults and children. (Responsible) children 15 years of age and above can be dropped off at 12:45pm and picked up sharp at 4pm. Children under 15 years of age need to be supervised by an adult all the times.

Please bring hand gloves, water bottle/drink and smiley face to the event, remaining items like rakes, trash bags etc. will be provided by the park. If you or your child wants to bring your own rakes, please feel free to do so.

DVMMM will issue certificates for 3 community service hours for this event.

The RSVPs are open till we get 22 volunteers or 25th March (whichever is earlier) for this event. For more details, please reach out to ec@dvmmm.org.

Please RSVP by clicking here. This will help us provide estimates to the authorities.